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What is "Yoga Therapy" exactly?

This is quite a loaded question. While Yoga is generally viewed as "therapeutic," the ever evolving yogic modalities that are now offered are quite distinct. Relative to the east, yoga is a very new method for maintaining or improving health, both mental and physical in the states. In the west, we are just starting to understand the vast benefits of yoga and are now starting to offer tailored programs to meet each clients needs. In a culture such as ours, time is a commodity. If practitioners can offer tailored programs to clients who lack financial means, access, physical ability, or time to follow the ancient yogi path, than we as a culture can benefit.

Methods for bio-regulation, a variation of 'physical therapy' and cognitive/psychosomatic therapy have all been birthed from yoga. The key to finding a therapist and modality that serves your needs is to "try it on." If one modality or practitioner isn't the right fit, seek out a different practitioner. Yoga Therapists vary greatly, in practice and experience, so find the one that is right for YOU.

To learn more, see the articles below.

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