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Body-Mind Therapy

The Phoenix Rising modality links the physical, mental and emotional experiences of life. This one-on-one therapeutic modality consists of physical postures, mindful touch and selective dialogue. A client-directed process, allows for connection to the present and ask "what's really happening now?" Encouraged for those going through major life changes, facing trauma or for those just seeking clarity about the next step on their journey.  

  • Consultation Session - $50 (first time clients only)

  • Single Session - $125    (4 session minimum)

  • 5 Sessions - $550

  • 10 Sessions - $1,000

Available ONLINE or In-Office


Couples Yoga Therapy is about checking in with how you are showing up in your relationship. Are you showing up the way you want to? If the answer is yes, great! Let's celebrate that. If the answer is no, Couples Yoga Therapy highlights areas in which you could to show up more fully and how to do so.

Using partner postures and mindfulness, Couples Yoga Therapy deepens the connection between you and your loved one. Are you ready to connect more deeply with your partner?    

  • Single session - $125
  • 5 sessions - $500

Available ONLINE or In-Office




Do you feel like your life lacks authenticity, as though you're playing a roll written for someone else? Let your body be the map to the life you've always drempt about.

Embodied Life Mentoring utilizes the body-mind connection to not only discover personal goals, but reach them. If you're looking to make big changes in your life, but you aren't exactly sure how to get there, this offering is for you.

Are you ready to feel authentic in your own skin?

  • Single session - $125 (minimum of 4 sessions)
  • 5 sessions - $550
  • 10 sessions - $1,000

Available ONLINE or In-Office


Group Series


Looking to find a supportive community? Want to create personal change or find inspiration but don't want to do it alone? Sign up for an 8-week group therapy series. 

A mindfully curated themed series designed to support self-discovery and growth. Through movement, breath and dialog, group members will support each other as they explore personal edges throughout the program.

Offered periodically through out the year.

  • $240 for 8-week series (materials included)


*** Next series begins in August 2021

(Register early, limited to 8 enrollees per series) 

**If you find that you have limited financial resources, don't let that hold you back. Let's have a conversation about if and how I can support you.

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