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Body-Mind Therapy

Offered through the Phoenix Rising Modality

The Phoenix Rising modality strengthens the body-mind connection, uniting your cognitive experience of the world to your somatic experience of the world. As a Body-Mind Therapist, I offer one-on-one sessions in a private and comfortable space. Using reflective dialogue, assisted postures and unconditional positive regard, I support clients on their path to healing, change and growth. Sessions are offered in office or online.

If you've lost a loved one or you're going through divorce, let Body-Mind therapy support you through your grieving process.  If you're between careers or a major life transition, let embodied awareness help you discover what's next. If you've just had a baby and you'd like to explore your new body, this therapy can help you get reacquainted. If you're ready to address trauma from the past, allow me to hold space for your healing journey. Body-Mind therapy helps you connect to the wisdom of the body so that you can cultivate the tools needed to move forward.

Are you ready for change?

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