the wisdom


The Phoenix Rising Method uses embodied mindfulness to tap into a resource that has been with you since the beginning, your body.


Accessible to all, this healing modality does not require flexibility or physical strength. The only thing needed for this Body-Mind therapy is YOU.

If you're ready to make real, lasting change then schedule a session today.


Christy Boaman

Christy is dedicated and practical while facilitating self-discovery, growth and healing. With true compassion and empathetic awareness, she supports clients on their path to finding the answers and change they seek. Christy's offerings are mindful and specifically tailored to meet each clients needs.

"You are not just another client, but an important part of the universal experience of life."


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Using embodiment, selective dialogue and assisted postures, 1-on-1 body-mind therapy allows clients to connect to their deepest desires.


The journey of self-discovery, the cultivation of change and deeply felt healing is delicately and effectively facilitated by the Phoenix Rising modality.


Cultivate a deeper connection with the one you love.

Using  partner postures, breath and mindfulness, couples body-mind therapy celebrates the strengths in the relationship while also allowing space for discovering ways in which you can be even more present to the needs of yourself and your partner.



Life Mentoring

Body-Mind Therapy (PRYT) with intention, this unique offering supports the client through the completion of a specific goal.

The offering is helpful for those who know exactly where they want to be, but don't know how to get there.